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ECT Test Equipment Division The Everett Charles Test Equipment Division manufactures automatic test equipment and fixtures for testing bare printed circuit boards. The division was formed in 1993 to focus on the continued development and marketing of innovative bareboard electrical test equipment and technology in keeping with the tradition of its predecessors, EC Test and Trace Instruments..

Shortly after the formation of this new division, ECT introduced the 9090 Series Test System which was enthusiastically received by the marketplace and became the overwhelming market share leader. Despite this fact, ECT engineers were charged with improving the performance of the 9090 Universal Grid tester. They applied totally new switchcard technology and software enhancements that dramatically improved electrical measurement speed without sacrificing the 9090s legendary measurement accuracy. Additional modifications were introduced to further reduce mechanical cycle time, and a variety of modular options were added to yield greater system flexibility. The enhanced 9090 system has since become the industry defacto performance standard by which all test systems are measured.

Although the 9090-Series tester produced a significant advance in test throughput, the electrical test operation continued to be an occasional bottleneck in an otherwise highly-automated fabrication process. ECT engineers recognized the potential for automated loading and unloading offered by the unique open C-frame design of the 9090 tester. By late 1994, ECT engineers had perfected an automatic unloader/sorter module, called HyperSort", which docks with the 9090 tester. The HyperSort system unloads a board the instant testing is complete and automatically sorts it into a passed or failed stack, eliminating operator-induced test escapes.

The remaining obstacle to completely automated bare board test was the limitation of manual loading. The solution to this problem is ECTs HyperLoad" module, which will be introduced at NEPCON West 1996. The HyperLoad module is synchronized to the test and unload cycles of the 9090 tester and HyperSort modules to automatically load boards from a pre-loaded service cart. The automated 9090 test system, using both the HyperLoad and HyperSort modules, can load, test, mark, unload and sort even the most complex boards at extremely high throughput rates.

Additionally, the ECT Test Equipment Division has introduced innovative fixturing technology, including the ValuGrid" fixture that uses QwikStak" spacers and numbered plates to increase accuracy and simplify fixture assembly.

For board fabricators relying on dedicated bare board test systems for high volume applications, ECT offers the Scorpion HV90SMT high-performance, high-voltage bare board tester. It uses the industry-standard Series 32 dedicated fixture for accessing single- or double-sided conventional and SMT boards, with a capability of 8192 test points.

The Test Equipment Division is headquartered in Pomona, CA, and markets and supports automatic bare board test equipment worldwide.

ECT engineers marketing specialists are available to contribute to technical articles and features on bare board test and fixturing technologies, special applications and industry trends.

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Contact our Test Equipment Division for information about its products. Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications Manager, at Tel: (909) 625-9357; Fax: (909) 626-4540, E-Mail: [email protected], or Kathy Tilley, Product Marketing Specialist, at Tel: (909) 625-9332; Fax: (909) 625-9395, E-Mail: [email protected], or visit our World Wide Web site at https://ectinfo.com.

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