Simulation Services
Getting it right the first time is paramount in today’s fast-paced, cost-sensitive semiconductor test industry. ECT offers Simulation Services to predict, optimize, and troubleshoot the electrical performance of your test interface, providing invaluable insight into the complex ATE environment. With an ECT simulation, you can accurately estimate interface performance prior to fabrication and ensure a successful transformation from concept to production.
Encrypted HSPICE device models can be imported into the same interface as the PCB and contactor models, thus capturing the effects of the devices input/output impedance and other effects. Package models can be simulated in 3D to capture the transition from the contactor to the DUT.
ECT contactors are modeled for all device pitches and contactor technologies. Our extensive simulation library allows us to furnish you simulation results in a more cost-effective and time-sensitive manor. If a custom configuration is required, a parametric model can be quickly modified to include your specific device pin assignment and PCB stackup.
The PCB includes complex structures such as connector transitions, via transitions, and other components. Manufacturer models, measurements, and custom 3D models can all be imported in one interface to ensure the simulated environment matches the actual hardware environment.
A standard simulation includes S-Parameter results that define the characteristics of the path from the tester to the device. However, the source signal doesn’t have to be a frequency sweep. ECT can define the characteristics of the source signal to match that of the tester for both analog and digital signals. If the tester channel model is available, it can be incorporated as well.