Semiconductor Test Group
ECT’s Semiconductor Test Group is your one-stop shop for PCB design, fabrication and assembly services, contactors and test interface simulation services. With revolutionary technologies, decades of technical expertise, the shortest lead-times in the industry and products that offer increased yields, lifetimes and maintenance cycles, ECT is the leader in test interface solutions that reduce your overall cost of ownership.
Product Spotlight
Gemini Kelvin
At 0.15mm, the ECT Gemini™ Kelvin spring probe offers the smallest DUT-side, tip-to-tip spacing seen in high volume production environments today
Increase yield, lifetime, and maintenance cycles with ECT’s revolutionary Gemini™ spring probe: the solution for today’s ultra high-speed and low-inductance fine pitch applications.
Proven processes, unmatched technical expertise, global support - let ECT be your full-service solution for simulations, design, and fabrication of printed circuit boards and contactors.
ECT’s latest addition to our line of barrel-less spring probes. The Mercury probe features a dual-fork redundant bias design for consistent contact resistance and long life.