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A query is simply a description of an information need. In addition to the standard Boolean "Keyword Search", which searches for just those documents containing all the words in your query, ECT will also search for documents that are a best match for the words in your query. ECT will also search for documents that are about the same concepts that your query describes, so sometimes ECT will bring back pages that don't mention any of the words in your original query.

What this means is that your query -- the description of your information need -- can be as detailed as you like. Additional words in your query will help ECT figure out what concepts you're really interested in. On the other hand, ECT will do a pretty good job of figuring out what documents are interesting to you even if your query is vague.

For example, let's say you're searching ECT for information about Contact Probes. You might type:

Contact Probes

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