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Since 1965, Everett Charles Technologies, 'ECT', has taken a leadership role in the development of advanced technology board test products holding over 100 patents. Originating with the company's signature POGO® spring contacts, ECT has broadened its business through acquisition and managed growth to include international manufacturing of bare board test systems and flying probe systems, bare and loaded board fixturing and test services, and most recently, equipment, sockets and performance boards for semiconductor test operations. In November 1996 ECT became a subsidiary of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV)

ECT's involvement in the full spectrum of test creates a unique synergy that's unmatched in the industry. Because of the unique fixture technology requirements of bare board and loaded board test, the company is able to apply both hardware and software innovations initially developed for application to the other. For example, the contact-related issues presented by the fine pitch and high density requirements of bare board result in unique probing capabilities in the loaded board application area as well. Similarly, the company's test probe products benefit from the wide range of loaded board test fixture application requirements supported by ECT. As a result of this integrated engineering, the company becomes better at all facets of test, while developing products and technologies for specific applications.

As a solutions-based company, ECT has set standards with such patented technologies as the Fastite® wire termination method for SMT probes, the Diss-Stat™ fixture kit feature designed to protect boards from static discharge, and the ValuGrid® bare board drop pin fixture design for high technology bare boards. Committed to quality, ECT manufacturing facilities are registered to ISO 9001 and 9002 standards.

Recognizing the importance of service to its customers, ECT is continually seeking better ways to communicate and work with customers. Communication links become increasingly important as boards become more complex. With the progressive trend toward miniaturization, ECT is developing new and better ways in which to test them. Fueled by a talented engineering team and a management philosophy that encourages creativity and a commitment to research and development, ECT continues to develop technology and products to improve board test, while creating ways to test boards faster and more economically.

ECT is currently working with trade groups to lead the industry in closing the gap between bare board and loaded board testing through standardized data exchange. By gaining access to new technologies through partnerships with its customers, ECT is working on a range of products aimed at solving issues facing the entire industry.