MicroMatrix™ Vacuum-Actuated Kits and Customized Fixtures
  • Available for Agilent HP307x Genrad 2270/71, 228x Teradyne Z18xx, Spectrum, Test Station, TRI, Marconi, Wayne Kerr , and Checksum
ECT fixture technology combines innovative engineering and exacting manufacturing assembly techniques to provide the most precise loaded board fixtures in the ATE industry.
  • Manufactured to a tight tolerance range that enables any part of a fixture assembly to be easily interchanged.
  • Parts are drilled on automatic equipment for precise fit and smooth operation.
  • Assembly is performed by skilled, experienced technicians.
  • Ergonomic design positions the UUT and fixture at the most convenient angle to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Fixture opens 80-90 degrees to make all components readily accessible.
  • Fewer parts mean longer fixture life and less maintenance.
  • Recessed finger grips are located at the best balance position for easy handling.
  • One-piece Uni-Seal gasket is life cycle tested for more than 250,000 cycles.
  • Quarter-turn locks open easily for spring-assisted removal of top plate for service or diagnostics
Top Plate Hardware
Compressing the PCBA evenly against the test probes and making reliable contact to the test pads is critical to maximizing test performance. The ECT team will evaluate your PCBA and your manufacturing test environment to determine the best top plate hardware solution for your fixture. Our standard products are designed to fit on our Micro Matrix Kits and minimizing the loss of usable area to place your PCBA
New lower-cost, lighter weight design Custom pneumatic fixture designs based on your test requirement Light-weight and Ergonomic
Hold-Down Gate Pneumatic Vacuum Box