Part or Process Change Support
Because ECT created your original solution, we know that solution best. When you need to make a change, we are there to ensure it occurs smoothly.

What appear to be simple process adjustments in the assembly process can cause major problems further down the line. Because we understand the whole manufacturing process, we can help minimize or eliminate the impact of process changes at ICT.

A simple part change may have no impact on how your product performs. It may have no impact on the assembly process. But, unless you fully understand test and how it works, you cannot be sure of potential impact at test. There is no need to take a risk if you involve ECT.

ECO Support
The impact of an ECO to your product can vary. If not done properly, it can cost you substantial amounts of money. Worst case, you may have to purchase a new ICT fixture. At the very least, you may have to accept lost test coverage.

None of this is necessary if you include ECT in the process BEFORE the release of an ECO. ECT ICT engineers can:

  • Evaluate propose changes and recommend ways to eliminate having to build a new fixture.
  • Evaluate the impact on coverage so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Coordinate with your manufacturing site so that changes can be made with little or no impact on manufacturing schedules.
  • ECT’s global footprint allows us to make changes to the fixture and software at a location convenient to your manufacturing site. With other solution providers, you might have to ship the fixture to another continent to have changes made.