Everett Charles
Introduces New
Double Density
Universal Grid
Contact: Ellen Santoni
Tel: (909) 625-9357
Fax: (909) 625-9395

IPC, Long Beach,, CA - April 28, 1998 - ECT introduces the 9098", a newly engineered double density universal grid tester. By surpassing the coverage of traditional double density test systems, the 9098 sets new standards for reliable and achievable high density PCB test.

The 9098 features double density on both top and bottom grids in a true 70 mil pattern; and a modular switch card mounting system which isolates switch cards from grid force and simplifies maintenance. Intuitive operating software with an efficient user interface makes operation and training effortless. An optional single density probe cassette enables the use of existing fixtures.

The sleek, new ergonomic style features proven "C" frame architecture for high throughput and test product size flexibility. The 9098 utilizes existing ECT ValuGrid® pins and kit hardware. The integrated ValuGrid® fixture and 9098 grid designs create a new standard for high density, double sided testing.

Everett Charles Technologies is a leading manufacturer of bare board ATE for high-technology testing, POGO® contacts, and bare and loaded PCB test fixtures. ECT manufacturing, service and support facilities are ISO registered with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia.

For more information on the 9098 Series universal grid test system, please contact Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications, Everett Charles Technologies, Test Equipment Division, 2887 North Towne Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767. Telephone 909-625-9332, FAX 909-625-9395, or reach us on the internet at ectinfo.com.


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