ECT Introduces Verifi" Software
for Flying Probe
Test Systems

Pomona, CA, April 3, 2001 - Software for PCB fault assessment and retest that extends the functionality of its flying probe systems has been announced by Everett Charles Technologies (ECT), a global test resource. Developed at the company's atg test systems facility in Germany, VERIFI software expedites hard-to-test production board runs or converts atg flying probes into rework stations with a few keystrokes at the operator's console.

After input data is formatted to IPC-D-356A or an alternative data structure provided by ECT, the prober systems will accommodate single boards or batch feeds. The new software module accepts test program and fault data from most universal testers, so atg flying probers running this Windows NT® application can perform "tandem" operations with grid systems, double as fault verification stations following grid testing, or even take over if the grid system goes down.

More and more PCB designs cannot accommodate 100 percent electrical testing by ATE grids, causing fabricators to turn to tandem runs - splitting tests between grid and moveable probe machines, then shifting the boards to yet another workstation to check out possible testing anomalies before recycling failed boards. VERIFI software fast-tracks the process by allowing the flying probe to access untested sections of the UUT while also evaluating faults (tagged by the grid test) during a single pass under the probe heads. The system's split display screen shows zoom views of defect nets captured by the probe alignment cameras, and measures resistance values of less than 1Ohm. If networked to a test floor printer, the onboard computer program will create corrected fault reports and board tags.

Demonstrations of VERIFI performance will take place in the ECT conference exhibit for the International IPC Printed Circuits Expo. The software will be offered as an option on all atg test systems flying probers offered by ECT and can be installed as an upgrade on user-owned ECT/atg systems equipped with high-resolution color monitors.

Everett Charles Technologies, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of electrical test products and services, including semiconductor test products, bare-board automatic test systems, Pogo® test contacts, and bard and loaded PCB test fixtures. Corporate manufacturing, service, and support facilities are ISO registered with locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has been awarded numerous patents and participates actively in developing industry standards.

For more information on VERIFI software, atg or ECT flying probe systems, or other products, please contact Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications, at Everett Charles Technologies; 700 East Harrison Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767; (909) 625-9357; FAX (909) 625-9395. Additional information is also provided on the World Wide Web at

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