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New Probe Eliminates Probe-Related False Opens

Pomona, CA, February 25, 1997 - Everett Charles Technologies, 'ECT', has reengineered the legendary POGO bias ball design to virtually eliminate the problem of conventional probe-related false opens in loaded board test. In the new PogoPlus® probe, the plunger bearing surface maintains constant contact with the probe barrel due to the refined interaction of the bias cut plunger end, captured ball, and applied spring force.

"Transient electrical opens in the test system often cause good boards to be rejected, resulting in costly and unnecessary retesting. A frequent source of this false open condition is the typical test probe which experiences varying degrees of internal contact during mechanical compression in the test cycle. PogoPlus® addresses this phenomenon by ensuring constant internal electrical contact throughout the full travel of the test probe," stated Bud Fabian, ECT's vice-president of sales and marketing.

PogoPlus® features ECT's new P3" precious metal plating which, together with the improved bias contact, provides highly repeatable conductivity for consistency in low resistance measurement applications. The probe is available with beryllium copper or steel plunger tips for long-term tip sharpness. The probe's new, shorter plunger permits a larger spring volume for higher spring force and longer spring life. PogoPlus® also features a double-roll close that offers industry best pointing accuracy for fine printed circuit board feature targeting.

PogoPlus®" fits industry-standard receptacles, and is available in 100, 75 and 50 mil test center sizes. Despite it advantages over competitive high performance probes, PogoPlus® is comparably priced. Everett Charles Technologies announced in July, 1996 the acquisition of Massachusetts-based Pylon, developers of the original, trademark "POGO" spring probe. ECT is a leading manufacturer of bare and loaded PCB test fixtures, spring contact probes and bare board automated test equipment for high-technology testing. The company's manufacturing, service and support facilities are ISO certified, with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Additional information can be obtained from Ellen Santoni, Product Marketing Specialist, Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA, 91767. Telephone (909) 625-9357, FAX (909) 623-9395. For on-line product information, customer service, ordering and technical support, the company can be accessed via the internet at ectinfo.com.



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