Everett Charles Technologies Introduces BGA Clip Interconnection Device

Pomona, California January 21, 2002 - Everett Charles Technologies is offering a new technology solution for evaluating and trouble shooting board mounted BGA packages. The BGA Clip Interconnection Device allows for direct interconnection between the BGA device and standard logic analyzers, eliminating the need for board mounted trouble shooting connectors. Available for single or multiple array solutions, the BGA Clip permits diagnostic trouble shooting, programming and coding through the grid array. The modular and lightweight device features additional capabilities including validation of chip functionality, design, and contact integrity.

Utilizing a customized Pogo® pin block, a direct electrical interconnect from an industry standard logic analyzer to the BGA p ackage is made. The block is mated to the BGA package via dedicated tooling pins and a patented clamping mechanism. A custom analyzer card provides the interface to the logic analyzer.

Everett Charles Technologies, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of electrical test products and services, including semiconductor test products, bare-board automatic test systems, Pogo® test contacts, and bare and loaded PCB test fixtures. Corporate manufacturing, service, and support facilities are ISO registered with locations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has been awarded numerous patents and participates actively in developing industry standards. Additional information is available on the World Wide Web at https://ectinfo.com.


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