ECT Introduces "The Edge" Flying Prober With Optional Automated TDR Measurement Capability Contact: Ellen Santoni
Tel: (909) 625-9357
Fax: (909) 625-9395

POMONA, Calif., December 1, 1998 -ECT offers a new flying probe test system with the industry's first automated controlled impedance TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) system for measuring high frequency, matched impedance signals. The Reflex" option on The Edge prober, makes single ended and differential measurements easy, reliable and fast.

The Reflex" module enables automatic, highly accurate impedance tests. this automatic capability is essential in the world of high volume telecommunication, computer and network. It is designed to test traces on coupon cards as well as traces on the board itself. Its patent pending design enables accurate reflection measurement of each specified trace and them captures and reports all readings. Reflex" is compatible with several industry standard impedance measuring instruments. Reflex" software provides an easy to use interface and requires minimal operator intervention.

Everett Charles Technologies is a leading manufacturere of bare board ATE for high-technology testing, POGOŽ contacts, and bare and loaded PCB test fixtures. ECT manufacturing, service and support facilities are ISO registered with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. For more information, please contact Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications, Everett Charles Technologies, Test Equipment Division, 2887 North Towne Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767. Telephone 909-625-9332, FAX 909-625-9395.

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