ECT Introduces
Repair Center
For Bare Boards
Contact: Ellen Santoni
Tel: (909) 625-9357
Fax: (909) 625-9395

Pomona, Calif., November 6, 1997 - Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) announced today the introduction of the Oz" Automatic Repair Center for fault verification of bare boards. The center is a homogeneous automated verification and repair station which utilizes ECTs Oz" Repair Software to detect failures.

Failed boards are sent from the tester to the Oz" Repair station with their IPC data. The Oz" Repair Software verifies the fault, attaches a bar code with fault location, and passes the failed boards on to repair if the fault is repairable. If the evaluated failure is catastrophic, the board is immediately sent to scrap. The Oz" Repair Software collects statistical data on failures to report back on types of faults, photographs the fault area and saves the information on a local area network.

The Oz" Automatic Repair Center reduces the number of good boards scrapped by increasing yield through detection of good boards. Improved efficiency is created by the speed of the process itself. Other features include quick set up, easy Windows NT user interface, ease of training, and guaranteed compatibility with 9090 universal grid testers. The repair station can be utilized for boards tested on alternative testers using the IPC data format.

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