VHPC Adaptive Contactors



The adapter includes a printed circuit board to make
surface-mount contact with the device contactor.


  • The DUT side of the contactor attaches to the adaptive portion with mounting screws, and uses Surface Mount Matrix (SMM) to achieve a solderless electrical connection. This allows for easy removal and maintenance.
  • The outside dimensions of the adaptive contactor match the size of the pin-style socket it is replacing, allowing full footprint compatibility. The adapter's thickness is used to achieve the same stack height as the socket being replaced. The adapter can also be made as thin as possible to optimize electrical performance.
  • The adapter can be plugged into an existing board socket receptacle (sometimes called a socket saver) or, for even better electrical performance, it can be directly soldered to the board.
  • The total contactor and adapter path length is substantially shorter, and therefore lower in reactive impedance than the socket it replaces, resulting in dramatically higher yields.
  • The full mechanical performance of the µHPC/PL contactor style is realized with the adaptive contactor. The result is a contactor with an operational life span that is fifty times that of the socket it replaces.
  • The improved life makes the contactor less expensive than the socket it replaces on a cost-per-unit-tested basis. When wear items require replacement, the contactor can be rebuilt in minutes for a fraction of the cost of a new contactor, further enhancing the economic benefit of the adaptive contactor.


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