VHPC Adaptive Contactors


Next generation ECT contactor technology helps you achieve long range cost efficiencies while improving operational efficiency and higher test accuracy.


Existing DUT interface boards represent a significant investment on the part of the user. The time and expense of laying out new boards for new contactors can make some test managers reluctant to try new contactor technology, even when it has the potential to significantly improve test yields and reduce test costs. ECT adaptive contactor technology is specially designed to work with existing interface boards, in an existing handler DUT kit. Our state-of-the-art, plunge-to-board contactor is adapted to replace existing pin-style sockets such as Yamaichi or Enplas.

ECT adaptive contactor technology features a flexible design, allowing direct socket replacement with minimal difficulty. Adaptive contactors offer the added option of decoupling, as well as integrated power and ground planes. This, combined with the shorter electrical path length, provides a dramatically superior electrical environment over conventional socket technology.

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