PL Contactor Mechanical Performance


  • The Torlon 5530 contactor body provides device alignment, while offering superior wear and abrasion resistance, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Micro-beam contact leads are attached to a substrate for ease of handling and rapid maintenance.
  • Contact leads are made of beryllium copper with military-grade, hard-gold plating. This combination provides low electrical resistance and excellent operating life.
  • Contact between the DUT lead and the contactor lead occurs at the sharp edge of the contactor lead. The contact leads undergo a trim and form process, such that the edge at the tip of the micro-beam is presented to the DUT.
  • The sharp edge of the contact lead not only breaks through the DUT oxide layer, but it is also self-cleaning and does not accumulate solder. This self-cleaning feature can provide hundreds of thousands of contacts with little or no maintenance.
  • Because the micro-beam lead contacts the DUT along a line, rather than a point, it spreads the contact force over a larger area of the DUT lead, resulting in a light contact mark.
  • ECT contactors are designed to be completely rebuildable in minutes. They are easily and quickly disassembled and reassembled. The wear items can be replaced to restore the contactor to like-new performance.


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