The Bantam® probe is a high-performance spring loaded contact element. The Bantam probe, unlike conventional spring probes, has only one internal sliding/wiping contact surface, which maximizes repeatability of the internal probe resistance. The probe consistently achieves 1 million cycles between gold contacts at less than 5 milliohms standard deviation in resistance.

The Bantam® probe is extremely short without compromising compliance. The test height to compliance ratio is 4.75:1 with a test height of .098" or 2.49mm. This allows the Bantam pin to achieve 10GHz loop thru bandwidth with less than -1db frequency attenuation. Pin self inductance is as low as .8nH.


Mechanical Specifications
1.0mm pitch
and above
.75mm and
.8mm pitch
0.50mm pitch
Overall Length
(4.16 mm)
(3.0 mm) contact factory for specifications
Test Height
(3.4 mm)
(2.43 mm)
Z-Travel (Max)
(0.76 mm)
(.51 mm)
Board Compliance
(0.178 mm)
(.127 mm)
DUT Compliance
(0.58 mm)
(0.38 mm)
Spring Force
(at 2/3 Z Travel)
1 oz (28.4 grams)
1 oz (28.4 grams)
Hard Gold
Hard Gold
DUT Tip Styles
(see diagram Below)
B, L, H, J, BS
B, L
Electrical Specifications
  1.0mm pitch
and above
.75mm and
.8mm pitch
0.50mm pitch
DC Resistance
(Average 1,000,000 cycles during testing)
<25 milliohms <30 milliohms contact factory for specifications
Self Inductance 1.3 nH .8 nH
@ 10 Ghz
< -1db - 1db

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