ECT Certifies
Zero-Defect Fixtures
on FPV 2010
Fixture Verifier

Time-to-market demands make it imperative to reduce board test time without sacrificing quality. ECT zero-defect fixtures help you beat the competition to market.

Each ECT fixture, is ready to test without need for debug. ECT certifies zero defects. Certification that is possible for two reasons.

  • Your CAD fixture data drives our Computer Automated Fixture (CAF") process that automatically controls drilling, probe receptacle insertion, gasketing, and wiring, thus eliminating the risk of human errors. Your fixture is built precisely to your specifications.

  • Your fixture wiring is automatically tested on ECT's exclusive FPV 2010 verifier to ensure 100% defect-free compliance to your fixture and wiring specifications.

The FPV 2010 tests for more critical parameters than any other method. There is no operator intervention in the test opportunity for operator judgment or interpretation to distort the test results.

When the fixture is tested with the top plate in position, for example, it identifies and reports a test point covered by a gasket. And the FPV 2010 verifies power and ground bussing, so acceptable net shorts are not reported as faults. Testing a 1000-point fixture takes 15 minutes on the FPV 2010. Comparable tests, with hand-held probes, not including shorts, would typically require more than four hours.

The FPV 2010 is installed at ECT fixture customizing centers. It interfaces with fixtures for GenRad, Hewlett-Packard, Teradyne, Schlumberger and Zehntel testers.

ETC custom fixtures built with out CAF" process and tested on the FPV Verifier are CERTIFIED ZERO-DEFECT FIXTURES.

CAF" means faster fixture turnaround-often in as little as 5 working days and FPV testing eliminates your debug time. Just what you need to reduce time to market.


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