Loaded Board
Test Fixture


First Reliable
Solution for
utilitzing 50 mil.
Pogos® on
39.5 mil. Pitch

More Design
Freedom - More
Real Estate

Kapton tape
reveals witness
marks on 12 mil via
and 39.5 mil center to center spacing.

What challenges are you facing today? High test point density, shrinking board real-estate, unreliable test solutions... Are your test solutions simply not doing the job anymore? This is precisely where ECT's patented Stealth" Technology can help..

With Stealth", you can hit those smaller, more densely packed targets with absolute confidence. Stealths" reliability is based on utilizing more robust, reliable POGO® technology on fine pitch targets a real innovation. And the consistency of its striking pattern is truly impressive. Combine this with the ability to change from a wired fixture to a wireless fixture and you can see how Stealth" will become the most powerful weapon in your capital equipment arsenal.

Absolutely no receptacles allowed
In searching for a way to fit more probes in the fixture, ECT made a critical breakthrough. By utilizing the experience gained in our bare board test group (where we are reliably hitting 5 mil targets on 5 mil center) we removed all the receptacles in the fixture. This allows for placing larger probes on smaller centers, as the receptacle diameter is eliminated from the center to center spacing equation. The advantage - more robust contact and increased access.


In fact, with Stealth" fixtures you can use POGO®s that are actually larger than the center to center spacing you're testing. Use 75 mil POGO®s on 50 mil centers. Use 100 mil POGO®s on 75 mil centers. Use 50 mil POGO®s on 39.5 mil centers. Not only are larger POGO®s easier to handle,larger POGO®s are also more reliable, have a higher available spring force and exhibit longer life.


A new Stealth Micro BGA contactor block providing modularity and easy replacement of large quantities of probes in extremely dense areas

Contact Reliability
Solid contact is made from the Stealth" Probe to a Stealth" wire wrap pin or wireless board gold pad, through a rugged, "shark tooth" design on the base of all Stealth" Pogo® barrels. This provides long term, reliable gold on gold contact.

Single point suspension
In conventional test fixtures, the probes are mounted in receptacles within the vacuum well, and are guided by funneled holes in the top plate. Stealth" uses ECT's Guided Probe Technology to accurately guide the probe tip to even the finest pitch targets. In this single point suspension design, the POGO®s are allowed to float inside the vacuum well. This small clearance enhances pointing accuracy and prolongs POGO® life.

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