Pneumatic Fixtures


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The ECT Pneumatic fixture features adjustable cylinder actuation, providing enhanced control and smooth actuation. Its operation is ideal for fine pitch test, and accessing small targets in a top and bottom side configuration. Cylinder sizing options accommodate higher probe forces and density. Rugged pneumatic cylinders provide low maintenance and reliable performance for high volume manufacturing environments. The open architecture design allows for fixturing a wide range of products, from PCMCIA to full size network boards. The pneumatic design offers flexibility for incorporating Dual Stage, probing, and connector insertion solutions for both in-circuit and functional applications. Available for HP3070 Series in medium and large configurations. Consult factory for availability in GenRad or Teradyne applications. Dual stage option available.

Features include:
  • Smooth, Precision Vertical Actuation Control
  • Superior Probing Accuracy - Top and Bottom Side
  • Ideal for High Probe Force and Dense Applications
  • Rugged Hardware for High Volume Environments
  • Available for Small and Extra Large Board Profiles
  • Excellent Flexibility for Combinations of Dual Sided Test Applications, Dual Stage Testing, and Connector Insertion Requirements
Maximum UUT
Kit Model
UUT Size Overall Dimensions Kit Weight
A x B C D E Lbs.
PKM - 3070 13.15x11 (334x279) 17 (432) 20.42(519) 9.1(231) 65
PK L- 3070 16.37x23.80 (416x605) 21 (533) 34.67(881) 10(254) 100
Maximum Force
PKM-3070 1550 lb.(@100 PSI)      
PKL-3070 3700 lb.(@100 PSI)      
Air Supply
80-100 PSI          
Electrical Requirement
24 VDC
How to Order

Fixture Kits:
Order by Model Number

Customized Fixtures:
Order should include:

  • Kit Model Number
  • Tester Model Number
  • Bare and loaded UUTs
  • Tester or CAD files and/or
    detailed layout information
  • 1:1 positive Mylars
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Schematics and wire list
  • Interface Model Number
  • Accessory Model Number

Specify all fixture options (ground planes, unpowered opens probes, etc.)



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