P2665 Series
Test Center .125 (3.18)


POGO ® Receptacle

Probe Specifications
Plunger Hardened BeCu
Body Nickel-plated nickel silver
Spring Stainless steel
Ball Stainless steel
Electrical Resistance <10 milliohms
Maximum Current 7 amps
Plunger Travel .250" (6.35)
Spring Force in oz. (grams)
Spring Type Initial Working Travel
Standard 1.5 (43) 3.8 (108)
Alternate 3.0 (85) 7 (199)
How to Order (top)

For each probe, specify the probe model and tip style as shown in the example below. If required, specify the optional non-standard spring force.


Order Form

Tips (top)

POGO ® Receptacle (top)

PR80-0 Crimp
PR80-0F (Flush Mount)
PR80-1 Solder
PR80-1F (Flush Mount)
PR80-2 Wire Wrap
PR80-2F (Flush Mount)
PR80-3 Round Post
PR80-3F (Flush Mount)

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