Standard Performance
Test Center .100 (2.54)


Spring Force


How to Order


Probe Specifications
Full Travel: .160 (4.06)
Working Travel:
.107 (2.72)
Mechanical Life Exceeds: 2 x 106 cycles

Operating Temperature -55°C to +105°C
Consult factory for other temperature requirements, and applications below -40°

Electrical (Static Conditions)
Current Rating: 5 amps
Maximum continuous current, non-inductive at working travel

Probe Resistance 50 milliohms
With a standard deviation of <7 milliohms @ 25 mA test current

Materials and Finishes
Plunger: Heat-treated beryllium copper, rhodium plated over hard nickel
Barrel: Work-hardened nickel silver, gold plated (I.D. and O.D.) over hard nickel
Spring: Music wire, silver plated
Receptacle Specifications
Mounting Hole Size: .067/.069 (1.7/1.75)
A #51 or 1.75 mm drill is most commonly used

Wire Gauge:
22-26 AWG

Connections: SPR-2W Crimp or push on termination (AMP terminal 60983-1 or equivalent)

SPR-2W-1 Solder cup

SPR-2W-2 Wire wrap/square post. Vacuum leak rate not to exceed 1 x 10-4 CFM @ 15 psi

SPR-2W-3 Connector pin/round post

SPR-2Y push on termination

Materials and Finishes
Housing: Work-hardened nickel silver, gold plated over hard nickel
Round Post: Phosphor bronze, gold plated
Square Post: Phosphor bronze, gold plated
PE Series: Dimensionally identical to EPA-2. The PE Series replaceable probe has a slight bulge at the end of the barrel and is designed for use in receptacles lacking detents. To order, write the letter "P" after the model number. Example: EPA-2P, EPA-2AP-1.

Tips (top)

Spring Force (top)

Spring Force in 0z. (grams)
Spring Type   Preload 2/3 Travel
To order add dash number to Model Number
Standard Shown 1.08 (31) 3.5 (99)
Alternate -1 2.64 (75) 6.5 (184)
Ultra High -2 4.09 (116) 10.0 (283)
Optional spring forces and materials are available

Connectors (top)


How to Order (top)

For each probe, specify the probe model and tip style as shown in the example below. If required, specify the optional non-standard spring force.


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