High Current Probes
For powered functional testing of connectors, wire harnesses, modules and other devices drawing up to 45A, our high current probes feature low resistance plungers and multiple-point, high-current-capacity tips.

Technical Notes
The maximum continuous current rating of a spring probe is determined by its design, size and construction. Typical probes are rated from 2 to 5 amps maximum current (non-inductive) at working travel. While this is sufficient for most board test applications, higher current probes are sometimes required.

ECT High-Current Probes (HCP series) are capable of carrying electrical current up to 45 amps.

Root Part
Test Center
in. (mm)
P2665 .125 (3.18)
IP80 .125 (3.18)
HC80 .125 (3.18)
IP125 .187 (4.75
HC93 .187 (4.75
P2757 .187 (4.75)
IP93 .187 (4.75)
HC125 .187 (4.75)
P2550 n/a
P2532 n/a
P2447 n/a
HC125A-TT n/a
P3325 n/a
P4301-1F n/a

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