Root Part
Test Center
in. (mm)
POGO-72 .050 (1.27)
POGO-1 .075 (1.91)
POGO-25 .100 (2.54)
DER-50 .050 (1.27)
DER-75 .075 (1.91)
LTP-25 .100 (2.54)
LTP-25TJ .100 (2.54)
DER-100 .100 (2.54)
SPA-3 .125 (3.18)
SPA-4 .187 (4.75)
SPA-5 .187 (4.75)
BMP-1 n/a
Loaded PCB Test Probes
These probes, which include the new PogoPlus® Series, address the unique demands of loaded board, vacuum fixture applications. Most feature an enhanced version of the legendary bias-ball design to virtually eliminate "false opens"; proprietary metal plating processes for higher conductivity; and precision MicroSharp" steel tips for long-lasting durability. A full range of sizes accommodates products with mixed test center requirements.

Mixed Test Centers
In loaded board applications, probes designed for use on 0.050, 0.075 and 0.100 inch test centers can be mixed in single or dual-stage fixtures, even though there may be minor variations in plunger travel. When mounted correctly, probe plunger tips should align when plungers are at recommended working travel - generally 2/3. This will ensure contact integrity between the tip and test pad. Minor adjustments may be required to compensate for variations in accessing component leads, flat test pads or through-holes.


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