ValuGrid® Kits and Fixtures

Model # (inches) Pin Length (inches) Overall Dimesion (inches) Side Max. UUT (inches)
ValuGrid® 3.75" Fixture Plate (Bundles of 10)
SVG-BS-1012 3.75 10x12 Bottom 7.4x9.7
SVG-TS-1012 3.75 10x12 Top 7.4x9.7
SVG-BS-1418 3.75 14x18 Bottom 11.0x13.5
SVG-TS-1418 3.75 14x18 Top 11.0x13.5
SVG-BS-1821 3.75 18x21 Bottom 15.0x18.0
SVG-TS-1821 3.75 18x21 Top 15.0x18.0
ValuGrid® 3.75" Hardware (Bundles of 10)
SHP-BS-375 Standard primary side hardware
SHP-TS-375 Standard secondary side hardware

Kit Includes:

  • Lexan plates (all labeled)
  • QwikStak" spacers (3.00" and 3.75")
  • Product area supports
  • Pin retention maerial
  • Spring-loaded topside fixture alignment pins
  • Speed pins
  • Topside fixture mounting feet

Customized Fixture Includes:

  • All kit components
  • Netlist test program
  • Fixture bill of material
  • Drill files featuring on-screen operator instructions
  • Customer part# and rev.# drilled onto kit
  • Stand-off placement (load compensating)
  • Broken drill indicator
  • UUT tooling pin and speed pin service access holes
  • ESD Protection holes

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