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Speed, Flexibility, Total Process Control.

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Testing Laminated Chip Carriers 100% electrically at high volumes doesn't have to be any harder than testing traditional printed circuit boards.

Innovative Test Technology For Short, Mid and Long Runs

ScanMan" is ECT's fully automated, high-volume test system for complex organic substrates. The new Automated ScanMan" system blends a universal grid tester and Modular Interposerú Design with a precise miniature robot, and a flexible scanning contact. The system connects to the BGA sites of the organic substrate while the high-speed robot scans the topography of each fine-pitch pad array. It can do a complete isolation and continuity test in as little as 4.5 seconds. The innovative technology of ScanMan" conducts multiple resistance measurements on every pad, providing for validation of every network. The proprietary scanning mechanism creates a self-cleaning action that yields consistent, repeatable contact.

Modular Interposer Design Supports All Standard Chip Sizes

ECT's innovative Modular Interposerú Design means you invest in industry standards, not in specific customer part numbers. To provide improved economies, ScanMan" features reusable Modular Interposers that are manufactured to meet chip carrier standard sizes. You'll virtually eliminate the need to individually fixture each customer part. ECT offers a standard body-sized Modular Interposer for each substrate family. This economical approach saves valuable time-to-market due to the fact that you won't be required to build and debug a proprietary fixture. Simply install the Modular Interposer that corresponds to your customer's standard substrate size, load the new program for the test configuration, slide the automation unit into place and start your test run.

Automated and Manual Modes For Complete Process Compatibility

In developing ScanMan's" innovative technology, ECT considered every aspect of substrate manufacturing and test. The result is a system fast enough to handle all levels of substrate test with features that are flexible to fit your particular process orientation. ScanMan" operates in either fully-automated or manual mode to conform to your production requirements.

In full-automation mode, ScanMan" delivers unprecedented test accuracy with speeds that are up to ten times faster than flying probers - fast enough for mid-level and long production runs. Yet the system allows you to switch from automation to manual test in just seconds. Automation docking is accomplished easily and efficiently, in as little as four seconds. And un-docking is just as easy. If you are interrupting the automation cycle to test a prototype board, chances are you won't have to change the Modular Interposer. Simply call up the robot path stored in ScanMan"'s memory, complete the manual test, re-dock the automation unit and switch back to full-automated operation. ScanMan" begins exactly where it stopped in the automation cycle, with no time-consuming realignment.

Every feature of ScanMan" is built to heighten your productivity. To increase automated efficiency and facilitate product handling ease, ScanMan" utilizes industry standard JEDEC trays. ScanMan" further enhances throughput and productivity by continuous system operation during tray load and unload. No other test technology achieves the speed and test accuracy of ScanMan".


Manual Mode
Re-usable Universal Interposer offers quick set-up
No Fixture Investment


Automation Mode
Re-usable Universal Interposer
offers quick set-up
No Fixture Investment

Fully automated speed
Easy docking and set-up

Automation Mode
Re-usable Universal Interposer offers
quick set-up
No Fixture Investment

Full automation for high troughput
Fast docking/undocking for easy maintenance
Easily switch between automated and manual modes to support fluctuating production demands

Flexible Failure Handling Protocol

ScanMan" lets you decide the protocol for handling bad boards. In automated mode, failed substrates can be automatically off-loaded to ScanMan's" built-in dumpster, so no faulty units go up the line. Or you can select ECT's patented AutoMarkú process to automatically mark boards and return them to the JEDEC tray along with good units. A third option allows software marking so that board failures are notated in software and coded for further inspection downstream in your process. This innovative, flexible handling capability means ScanMan" works the way that's best for you.

Lower Cost Per Test. Higher Yields. More Profit From Your Test Process

Most advantageous is ScanMan's" dramatically lowered cost per test. ScanMan's" Modular Interposer Design eliminates the need to build a custom fixture for every job. Plus, with new throughput and test accuracy, you can build higher profits by putting more jobs through the shop and dramatically minimizing false passes. These benefits make ScanMan" the most productive and flexible test platform for flip chip carriers.

ScanMan" Features & Benefits

Modular Interposer Design:

  • Eliminates custom fixture tooling and debug for every customer part number
  • Reusable modules for all standard sized BGA footprints
  • Reduces lead time
  • Lowers costs

Innovative Scanning Contact Assembly:

  • Eliminates alignment and realignment issues
  • Performs continuity and isolation testing based on contact and true resistive measurements

ScanMan" Automation:

  • 4-second automation docking/undocking reduces downtime
  • Flexible handling of failed boards to meet your protocol
  • Easy cycle interrupt button provides process flexibility and facilitates maintenance

ScanMan" O/S Software:

  • Custom reporting provides real-time analysis of test and manufacturing processes User-friendly Windows interface is intuitive and easy to learn
  • Remote EKG software allows you to monitor your testers from your office.



Fixture: Uses existing wired fixtures and ECT ValuGrid¨ fixtures. 100 mil pitch, bottom side universal grid with 13,440 test points

Fixture size: 19.2" (487.7mm) by 7.0" (177.8mm)

Throughput: >500/hr*


  • 20" touch screen flat panel color display on adjustable arm
  • SoundBlaster AWE64 Sound system
  • PC Anywhere client for remote diagnostics
  • LS120 Removable disk system
  • Internal 56K Modem for remote diagnostics / supervisor paging
  • Network Interface Card for 10/100 Network communications
  • Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3
  • ScanMan" O/S software for tester control and production management
  • Remote EKG software included for use on customers' networked computers
  • Remote Diagnostics require customer supplied phone line or Internet VPN connection
  • Remote Paging requires customer supplied pager and phone line

Test Parameters:

Continuity Resistance: less than five Ohms**

Isolation Resistance: greater than 10 MegOhms

Facilities and Environmental:

Power: 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 15/7.5A (dedicated line required)

Air: 100 to 120 lbs./psi, 25 cfm, clean, oil-free, dry

Vacuum: 20 in. (508mm) Hg minimum, 2 cfm

Temperature: 41¡ to 80¡ F (5¡ to 27¡ C)

Relative Humidity: 38% to 55% non-condensing

*Actual throughput may vary.

**Actual results will depend on board conditions and design.

Proper maintenance of tester is necessary to achieve these results.

Patents pending, (delete Snap II from trademark section)

Manual ScanMan"

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