Flip Chip Carrier
Test System

Patent Pending

Testing Laminated Chip Carriers 100% electrically at high volumes doesn't have to be any harder than testing traditional printed circuit boards.

Until now, HDI test has not been the best of all possible worlds. In essence youve been testing partially blind. Thats because youve had to put up with an incomplete test, leading to acceptable failure rates. Plus youve been dealing with traditional approaches to HDI test that make the process laborious, time intensive and riddled with guesswork and escapes.

HDI test should insure that only good boards move upstream to the packaging process. A defective chip carrier gets populated with good semiconductor devices, compounding the cost of board failure for package manufacturers. That means lost profits and unhappy customers.

High Speed, High Volume Flip Chip Test
ScanMan" from Everett Charles Technologies offers a totally new approach to Flip Chip test. Now you no longer have to

ScanMan provides a 100% electrical single-pass test for shorts and opens on Flip chip carriers and Flip chip products. Failures simply cant escape.
put up with false passes and acceptable failure rates. This new high speed, high volume system provides the first complete test of every pad on a multipoint network including topside nets. ScanMan combines a new ECT patent pending contact process with our universal grid tester and patented fixtures. The combination accomplishes a high speed, ultra-precise test by scanning a flexible electrical contact plate over the pads.

ScanMans proprietary technology creates a self-cleaning action that yields consistent, repeatable contact. For you that means consistently high throughput with never-before-possible accuracy.

Tests What Others Cant
ScanMan is specifically designed to seek out faults that other hardware cant even test for; it sees the broken traces and opens that other miss. And because of its ability to access extremely fine pitches and very small pads, ScanMan can test every pad on a mulitpoint net.

Thoroughbred Design and a Workhorse Mentality
ECT combined existing patented technologies with a revolutionary new contact technology into an entirely new type of test platform. Yet physically, ScanMans functional low profile is operator and facility friendly. When fully automated ScanMan gives you extremely high throughput and unprecedented good board rates. It even AutoMarks" each image. The optional Snap II" module enables ScanMan to behave as a grid tester, testing continuities utilizing conductive rubber mounted on a cylinder within the fixture.

No Optical Alignment, No Witness Marks
ScanMan requires no time consuming alignment so its easy on the operator. And ScanMan is easy on the unit under test. The gentle contact on the pads leaves no witness marks. Finally, ScanMan is easy on you and your customer because there are virtually no escapes.

The Speed You Need
ScanMan brings unrivaled speed, accuracy and efficiency to HDI test. Blazing fast set-up, automated operation and ScanMans complete test process leaves no room for faults.

Figure 1:
Magnification of unscanned pads
Figure 2:
Magnification of pads scanned by Scanman 10 times
Figure 3:
Magnification of pads contacted by conventional methods

ScanMan" Flip Chip Carrier Test System

Footprint 64 (1653 mm) x 48 (1219 mm)
Grid 19.2-inch (488mm) by 7.0-inch (179mm). 100 mil pitch, bottom side universal grid with 13,440 test points
Fixturing Uses existing ECT ValuGridĀ® fixture technology
Throughput Up to 900/hr (dependent on board complexity)


  • Touch screen flat panel color display on adjustable arm
  • AWE64 Sound system
  • PC Anywhere client for remote diagnostics
  • LS120 Removable disk system
  • Internal 56K Modem for remote diagnostics / supervisor paging
  • Network Interface Card for 10/100 Network communications
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • ScanMan O/S software for tester control and production management
  • Remote EKG software included for use on customers networked computers
  • Remote Diagnostics require customer supplied phone line or Internet VPN connection
  • Remote Paging requires customer supplied pager and phone line

Facilities and Environmental
Power 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 15/7.5A (dedicated line required)
Air 100 to 120 psi, 25 cfm clean, oil-free, dry
Temperature 41o to 80o F (5o to 27o C)
Relative Humidity 38% to 55% non-condensing

Automated ScanMan

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