The World's First
Fully Automated
Bare Board Fault
Verification and
Repair Station


Oz" provides the first totally automated solution to the task of bare board fault verification. Specifically designed to seek out hard-to-find errors and risk areas, Oz" increases throughput, decreases costs, lowers scrap, and increases test quality. One Oz" machine supports four or more repair stations, which can revolutionize an entire repair department with a single purchase, and utilizes Oz" automated repair software.

The intuitive interface guides the operator through every
step - including electronically tagging a defect.

Oz" tells you in real-time
Oz" is more than just a fault verification tool. It features an incredibly powerful reporting mechanism named OzCar" (Oz" Computer Automated Reporting) that also makes it an excellent quality and process control tool. For the first time, data can be captured and reports generated simultaneously during the verification process. This allows test and repair managers to identify and correct potentially costly equipment malfunctions or operator errors before they cause serious problems.


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