Fully Automatic Test System

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Flying probe test system with front side feeding module and back side good/bad sorting module. Loading and unloading without test stop. Feeding module and good/bad sorting module can be docked off for manual system. Optional marking unit as label-printer or ink jet printer. Support of automatic scanning and multi-sample test.


Width with monitor: 2500 mm (98.5")
Depth: 4700 mm (185") (automation docked) Height: 1620 mm (65")

Loading/Unloading station for docking at test system. Transport and test of several boards simultaneously. PCB is transported into test system by belt, tested marked and put on the good/bad-stacker.

Stacking height: 240 mm (0.5")
Stacking weight: 40 kg (88lb)
Good/bad stacking height: 220 mm (8.7")

Max. test area A4-a 12: 600 x 620 mm (23.6 x 24.4")
Max. test area A4-a 16: 600 x 465 mm (23.6 x 18.3")


Min. Board Size
120x100 mm (5"x4")
70x90 mm (2.8"X3.5")
Max. Board Thickness
4 mm (0.16")
10 mm (0.39")
Max. Weight
1 kg (2.2lb)
6 kg (13.2lb)
2 parallel sides, no recessed edges
2 parallel sides or special holders
Max Deflection
1% of board width
Depends on Manipulation
Border without Test Pads
5 mm (2")
Depends on Holders
Multi Panel


Environmental Conditions
Temperature: 19°C - 27°C (66°F - 81°F)
[23° (70°F) ±1 K for hightest accuracy]
Humidity: 40 % - 60 %

Energy requirements
Power: 230V, 50 Hz 115V, 60 Hz (option)
Max. power consumption: 2.500 VA
Compressed air: 6 bar, approx. 90 psi, filtered
Weight 2.600 kg (5,730 lb)

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