9090 SP

A bare board tester represents a sizeable investment, and choosing the right one is essential. It must maximize throughput, increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve product quality. Reliability and flexibility are key when testing today's sophisticated SMT boards and PCB technology of tomorrow. The 9090 Series advanced bare board grid system is designed to achieve a single goal - boosting throughput.

Shorter Cycle Time

  • Advanced mechanical design improves throughput beyond that of other test systems. It is modular and upgradeable with a variety of options designed to improve throughput even on sophisticated SMT boards.

  • Unique C-frame base design delivers unparalleled test capabilities. Open on three sides, the C-frame guarantees quick, easy stepping of multi-image or array panels as well as oversize boards.

  • Vertical drive mechanism replaces conventional shuttle or drawer designs. Long-lasting cylinders provide dramatically faster mechanical cycle time (typically under two seconds), while delivering more precise registration. The programmable height adjustment optimizes the mechanical cycle open/close time and takes just seconds.

  • LightTouch" zero-pressure optical switch technology replaces old-line mechanical interlock buttons. It provides operator comfort, dependable, long-term operation and reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

  • By adding AutoMark" and PowerProbe" , the 9090 Series becomes your connection to an impressive range of high-throughput capabilities.

Accuracy and Speed

  • All electronics and software are optimized to increase test throughput.

  • New, compact plug-in SMT switch card design, featuring ECT's POGO® Pins, allow easy replacement and expansion with leading-edge smart voltage SMT switch devices and enhanced on-chip ESD protection. Each card provides 256 test points and utilizes 4-wire Kelvin measurements resulting in accurate and repeatable resistance measurements as low as 5 ohm (typical) and up to 1,000 MegOhms (optional).

  • Proprietary, high-speed bit-slice computer controls all switching and measurement operations. The processor dynamically adjusts for test conditions optimizing test time for each measurement. It relieves the system controller of computational-intensive tasks, making the 9090 Series particularly fast and efficient.

  • User friendly operating environment ensures familiarity and upgradability. AutoPilot" menu-driven software and a touch-screen monitor guides the operator through the test process, allowing technical and non-technical operators to begin production testing in minutes. Complete diagnostics verifies proper operation.

Fast Flexible Fixturing

QuickConnect® latching mechanism provides instant loading/unloading of top-side fixtures. This reduces setup and test time, and maximizes productivity.

Accepts 1" economical fixtures through 3" and 4" high-technology, fine-pitch fixturing down to .008" center-to-center spacing.

MagicSuite™, a versatile Windows® NT software platform, produces ValuGrid® fixture build-files, which yield fixture guide plates and a pin retention system designed to allow maximum pin tilt in any direction without binding and with precise targeting. This design and system-to-fixture interface significantly exceeds the achievable test density of double density test systems.

©1998-2003 Everett Charles Technologies. All rights reserved. Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA, 91767, U.S.A.

©1998-2003 Everett Charles Technologies. All rights reserved. Everett Charles Technologies, 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, CA, 91767, U.S.A.