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Experts in electro-mechanical test, ECT has considerable depth in probe and socket manufacturing gained over many years of substrate testing in advanced bare-board operations, and saw there was a clear need for a larger, better capitalized, truly responsive supplier in the IC test interface arena.

In 1997, the Semiconductor Test Group (STG) was formed with new acquisition ESH, a manufacturer of performance boards and probe cards, as it's initial primary focus. STG joined ECT's Contact Products, In-Circuit Test Fixture and Bare Board Capital Equipment and Services groups in providing an integrated test solution to the electronics industry for everything from semiconductors to bare pcbs to in-circuit and functional applications.

In March 2000, ECT added PrimeYield Systems, an outstanding designer and manufacturer of test contractors for high volume test, to the STG technology unit. STG now offers a fully integrated semiconductor interface product test package; incorporating POGO®s, elastomer contactors, sockets, lid assemblies, performance boards and other products all from one source. ECT Semiconductor Test Group customers benefit from ECT's shared technology base and experienced engineering staff allowing tremendous opportunity for quick, effective, and innovative solutions across operational boundaries.

STG's product offerings include streamlined contactor designs for BGA, µBGA, CSP, LGA, PGA and other area array packages-in either conductive elastomer surface mount matrix, or probe connection configurations. STG's recent introduction, BantamPak™, is a high performance scalable family of test sockets for area arrays designed around Bantam® POGO® technology from ECT's Contact Products Group. The BantamPak meets the needs of a variety of pitch requirements and can be integrated with an STG performance board for optimum high speed performance. BantamPak is the result of merging decades of spring-probe expertise from ECT with the advanced performance board knowledge of industry leader ESH.

STG's industry leading test interface solution brings together a seamless test system interface, best achievable electrical performance, full test at system level for optimized first pass results, higher yields, and higher binning. Superior customer service assures that there is always a single point of contact within ECT for every customer. As the largest worldwide resource for advanced interface test, ECT can launch an integrated test interface that will be produced, assembled, and shipped on-demand with one telephone call from the IC developer.

The Semiconductor Test Group supports offices in Phoenix, Arizona, San Jose, California, and the UK, and has local representation in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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