Plating Operator I


Overview of General Duties and Requirements

Perform the plating. etch, strip, oxide, and direct plate processes per documented procedures, work instructions, and product specifications.


Essential Performance Requirements

1) Must demonstrate the ability to accurately read blueprints and all other related documents within the first week of employment.

2) Assist in maintaining accurate inventory records of chemical usage by diligently and accurately signing out any chemistry used via the daily chemical log sheet.

3) Perform the operations of developing, etching, stripping, and oxiding of panels. This includes ensuring equipment is operating within stated specifications at all times and replenishment chemistries are adequate to maintain parameters.

4) Successfully perform the operation of electroplating copper, nickel, and gold. This includes cleaning panels in the appropriate solutions prior to plating, verifying plated hole sizes per the fabrication print using pin gauges, setting the proper amperage per the specified square footage via the assigned rectifiers and ensuring all necessary tanks are operating within the specified parameters.

5) Operate the direct plate line according to specified procedures. This includes high pressure spraying all panels and ensuring all foreign debris is eliminated, ensuring each tank is at the specified temperature, all baths have been analyzed by lab personnel prior to running the line, and cycle times for each bath is adhered to according to work instructions.



High School or equivalent



1-5 years previous experience.



Read and comprehend blueprints and related work instructions. Multiply fractions.