Essential Performance Requirements (Complete each section)

Overview of General Duties and Requirement:

Perform assembly, close, solder, vibe and ball press operations.

Inspect parts with dial calipers, optical comparator and microscope and determine if any action is necessary.


Essential Performance Requirements (EPRs)

Set forth no fewer than four to five Essential Performance Requirements. Each must be specific, measurable, action-oriented and time-based, and each should include the specific results required. These EPRs are: [1] the necessary centerpiece of the interview and assessment process (Can the candidate perform them as described? Have they successfully done this in the past? Have them demonstrate or describe in detail, etc.); and [2] the success-or-failure factors on which this person’s performance will be measured, once in the position.

·Able to assemble very small parts, as small as .5mm, at or above standard rates within one week of start date.

·Able to follow verbal and written directions and complete required paperwork within 1 week of start date..

·Required to inspect parts using such tools as dial calipers or verniers, optical comparator and microscope, record readings and determine what action is necessary with 2 weeks of start date.

·Able to perform assembly, closing, soldering and vibing operations at or above standard rates with 4 weeks of start date.



High School


Small part assembly


Very good eye sight and hand/eye coordination.