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The ECT Contact Products Division is the world's leading manufacturer of spring contact probes for testing bare and loaded printed circuit boards. Innovations in design, engineering and manufacturing processes have led the industry from the development of the first snap-out or replaceable probe, in 1965, to more recent designs for Helix rotating probes for no-clean applications.

Contact Products Division R&D programs address engineering and materials issues that will affect PCB test for the next decade. Methods for maintaining electrical continuity in miniature probes, improved spring technologies, and probe head geometries are under continual review. Specialized proprietary test equipment has been developed to assess the effectiveness of new designs.

Many of the innovative designs developed by ECT have resulted from close cooperation with customer engineers to solve specific problems. Development of Test-topô, a reusable translator for cost effective production of PLCCs, is typical. In addition, close interactions with the ECT Test Fixture Division plays an important role in spring contact probe development. No other probe manufacturer has this unique intra company technology asset.

Miniaturization of electronic components and circuits will continue to challenge spring contact probe designers into the next century. ECT is well positioned to maintain its leadership in probe technology, marketing and manufacturing capabilities.

ECT spring contact probes are marketed worldwide through sales offices in the United States, Germany and Japan. Quality standards at Contact Products Division are registered to ISO 9001 standards.

ECT engineers are available to contribute to technical articles and features on spring contact probe technologies applications and, industry trends.

For more information on our Contact Products Division and its products please contact Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications Manager, at Tel: (909) 625-9357; Fax: (909) 625-9395, E-Mail: [email protected], or Kathy Tilley, Product Marketing Specialist, at Tel: (909) 625-9332; Fax: (909) 626-4540, E-Mail: [email protected], or visit our World Wide Web site at https://ectinfo.com.

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