Receptacle Specifications

Mounting Hole Size: .0205/.0215 (.52/.55)
A #75 or 0.52 mm drill is most commonly used.
Recommended Probe Plate Material: G10 or G11
Recommended Wire Gauge: 30 AWG
Crimp (To order with 30 inches of 30 AWG wire
attached, add -30 to the model number.)
Materials and Finishes:
Heat-treated beryllium copper, HPA-GOLDTM plated (I.D. & O.D.) over hard nickel

NOTE: The top of the MEP-20 is flared, enabling it to be "press-fit" directly into the probe plate, eliminating the need for a receptacle or epoxy. This "press-fit" feature also permits the MEP-20 to be installed in a variety of probe plate thicknesses and to be replaced easily. The MEP-20 is terminated with the use of a crimp tool, which attaches a wire directly to the probe in the same fashion that a wire is attached to a crimp style receptacle.

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