Uniplug Probe Specifications

Test Centers:
LCT-5: .250 (6,35)
LCT-7: .281 (7,18)

All dimensions in inches (mm.)

The LCT utilizes a one-piece cantilever design to provide unsurpassed performance. This design eliminates interface problems associated with the ball detent terminal (BDT) style plugs, yet it is 100% interchangeable. The internal configuration of the plunger is cylindrical, eliminating plunger side play and preventing the barrel from hanging-up on the test system interface connector, as is common with the BDT design.

The BDT design also utilizes a ball which can jam inside the barrel during insertion into the patch panel allowing the plug to fall out unexpectedly. The LCT plunger latch springs back after insertion, then locks tight so it will not fall out. It requires 10-15 pounds of extraction force.

The square encapsulation is made of high-grade PVC. It will not spin during wire-wrapping, thus simplifying the wiring process and reducing the wiring time.

Benefits of LCT Design

Wiring guidelines are available. Consult factory.

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