Broadband 50 Ohm Coaxial Test and Measurement Probe

All dimensions in inches (mm.)

Model Number: K-50L
Replacement Probe: SPL-01L-039

The K-50 coaxial probe provides an instrumentation-quality interface for broadband R.F. measurements up to 4 GHz. With the new K-50 R.F. Circuit Design, impedance characterization measurements can be performed using it as a Network Analyzer port-extending accessory. Accurate and repeatable small signal and R.F. power (50 Watts) measurements provide consistent and repeatable results. The K-50 was developed in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of advanced communications systems and is supported by a leading instrument equipment manufacturer.

Design Advantages

Specifications (at full compression)
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
Minimum Return Loss @ 1 GHz: 23 db, 26 db Typ.
Maximum Insertion Loss @ 1 GHz: .12 db, 0.06 db Typ.
Maximum VSWR @ 1 GHz. 1.15:1, 1.11:1 Typ.
Mates with Amphenol SMB 27-1 or equivalent.

Materials and Finishes
Replaceable Probes:
SMA Connector Pin:
Gold plated copper zinc alloy
Premium virgin teflon per MIL-P-18468
Gold plated beryllium copper alloy. Request SPL-01L-039.
Gold plated beryllium copper
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