Probe Specifications

All dimensions in inches (mm.)
The GSP-2B is designed for use in GenRad tester interfaces.

Full Travel: .125 (3,18)
Operating Temperature: -55 degrees C to + 85 degrees C
Consult factory for other temperature requirements.

Electrical (Static Conditions)
Current Rating: 5 amps, static conditions, maximum continuous current, non-inductive at working travel
Probe Resistance: 35 mOHMS, with a standard deviation of <5 mOHMS at 25 mA test current

Spring Force +/- 20% in oz. (gram)
Spring Type Dash Number Preload 2/3 Travel
Standard as shown 2.0 (57) 4.0 (113)
To order, add dash number to Model Number.
Optional spring forces and materials are available.

Materials and Finishes
Heat-treated beryllium copper, gold plated over hard nickel
Work-hardened nickel silver, gold plated (I.D. & O.D.) over hard nickel
Beryllium copper, silver plated

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