Board Marker Probe

All dimensions in inches (mm.)

The BMP-1 Board Marker Probe (patent pending) is designed for installation on bare board or loaded board test fixtures. When your tester is equipped with the appropriate electronics and software, the BMP-1 scribes a permanent .050" circle on every good PCB tested. Boards that fail the test are not marked. The risk of human error is eliminated in PCB testing and sorting.

The unit requires less than .500" of fixture area. It is designed to mark board areas of bare glass (FR4), solder mask over glass or copper, or bare tinned copper.

The BMP-1 includes a mounting receptacle with press ring, and a motor/transmission assembly. It can be easliy removed from the receptacle for use in other fixtures. Spare receptacles and tip replacement assemblies are available.

Consult factory for information on electronic and software requirements, and replacement receptacles and tip assemblies.


Full Marker Tip Travel: .125 (3.18)
Recommended Working Travel: .050 (1.27)
Direction of Rotation: Counter Clock-wise
Scribed Diameter: .050 (1.27)
Special diameters available.

Electrical (Operating Conditions)
Rated Current: 50 mA
Rated Voltage: 15 VDC
Recommended Duty Cycle: 1 sec. On (minimum), 5 sec. off

Plunger Tip:
Stainless Steel

To Order:
Specify model number of componenets or tools you require:

Probe and receptacle, wires and connector attached, mating
connector supplied, (- red,+ black)
BMR-1 Receptacle only
BMT-1 Tip replacement assembly
RIT-BMP Receptacle insertion tool for BMR-1
EXT-BMP Receptacle extraction tool for BMR-1

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