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Everett Charles Technologies is the first to offer a probe that virtually eliminates probe-related false opens during loaded board test - the new PogoPlus Series.

The PogoPlus is a reengineered version of the legendary Pogo ® bias ball probe. The new probe's unique internal design makes it the only probe capable of maintaining constant contact between the plunger and sidewall throughout its mechanical travel, resulting in more consistant resistivity measurement and prevention of probe-generated false opens.

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Unique "constant contact" design
The resistivity of ordinary probes can vary dramatically as the plunger is compressed and decompressed. Laboratory tests confirm that it's not uncommon for a conventional probe's resistivity to vary more than 500% over its travel. Also, due to variations in test lead length, pad shapes, PCB flex, and other factors, most probes over- or under-travel the 2/3 design goal. The constant contact of the PogoPlus over the probe's entire travel range virtually eliminates the potential for probe-induced false rejects.

The new PogoPlus probe features a simple and effective internal design that solves this common problem. Inside the PogoPlus, the bias-cut plunger end forces the captured ball and plunger into constant contact with the barrel wall, preventing a potential false open condition. What's more, this consistent sidewall contact - plus ECT's propietary P3" precious metal plating process - provides low resistance and highly repeatable conductivity for long-term, consistent resistance measurements. As a result, test resistance parameters can be significantly narrowed for improved test control.

Tighter pointing tolerances
The PogoPlus features a double-roll close that offers unrivaled pointing accuracy. Conventional probes usa a single-roll close, which also relies on the plunger's contact with the barrel to constrain vertical motion. Unfortunately, this method provides only nominal control of axial runout. The PogoPlus double-close design constrains the plunger to a tighter axis of motion for better repeatability that helps you reliably hit the smallest targets.

Enhanced durability
With today's demanding test runs and no-clean processes, probe durability is more important than ever before. That's why the PogoPlus was designed from the start to offer a superior level of longevity.

Because the probe's double-roll close constrains the plunger's vertical motion (see "tighter pointing" above), the probe's plunger doesn't need to be as long. Which means that the PogoPlus offers a larger spring volume than conventional probes for longer spring life and higher spring forces.

Probe durability is also enhanced with available steel tips which feature ECT MicroSharp technology for long-lasting sharpness that penetrates through surface contamination

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