Ostby Barton...The Leader in Probing Technology

For more than 35 years, Ostby Barton has provided innovative products to meet the demands of ATE Testing. This inventive spirit, then and now, has once again provided a product that fulfills the test requirements of today's "No Clean" PCB Manufacturing processes.

It has been shown that use of CFC's contributes to the depletion of the Earth's ozone layer. PCBs will become more difficult to test until such time as alternative cleaning methods are developed.

The OB Steel Probe provides a solution to these conditions...Today!

In addition to the features listed, the OB Steel series is available in several head styles for 50, 75, and 100 mil test centers. As you have come to expect from Ostby Barton, these same quality crafted probes are available, as standard products, from stock.

The OB Steel series ST31, ST40, ST54, have matching .250" plunger travel, making them the ideal choice for use in mixed test center applications.

To mix Ostby Barton 50 or 75 mil probes with 100 mil probes in the same fixture, first determine mounting height of 100 mil probe. The mounting height of the 50 and 75 mil receptacle will be the same. The receptacle may be flush mounted to a maximum height of .220" (5,59).
CAUTION: These guidelines are provided for reference only. Actual mounting heights may vary between fixture designs.

"No Clean" Environment?
No Problem!
Choose Cyclo Soldered...

At Ostby Barton, we make the probe that makes the choice easy. The OB Cyclo Soldered Steel Test Probe provides the kind of performance and longevity you must have to survive in today's "no clean" environment. And with our innovative engineering breakthroughs in self cleaning and steel plunger technology, you get unsurpassed testing reliability with extended probe life.

You'll find oxides, residues and other surface contaminants are no match for the OB Cyclo Soldered Steel Probe. It's manufactured with our proprietary process for sharper tips and edges, with a plunger that is Cyclo Soldered to the spring and barrel. This metallurgical bonding process overcomes contamination and plating wear problems, providing consistent test results. And guarantees a current path for your critical test signals. What's more, the hardened steel tips of our probes are RC55-60, unlike the competition's 50-55. Our probes' plungers and barrels are gold plated for top electrical performance. And they're available for 50, 75, and 100 mil test centers.

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