Probe Specifications

All dimensions in inches (mm.)

Maximum Plunger Travel: .250 (6,35)
Recommended Working Travel: .167 (4,24)
Mechanical Life (cycles): >100,000
Operating Temperature: -55 °C to +105 °C
Current Rating: 8 amps, static conditions
Average Resistance: 10 mOHMS

Spring Pressure in oz. (gram)

Light: Initial 1.16 oz. (33g)
at Working Travel  3.5 oz. (99g)
Heavy: Initial 2.28 oz. (65g)
at Working Travel  6.3 oz. (179g)
Extra Heavy: Initial 3.62 oz. (103g)
at Working Travel  10.5 oz. (298g)
When ordering, please specify tip style and spring pressure. For example, RP54AE is an "AE" tip with a light spring pressure. For a heavier spring pressure, add -1 to the model number, ie., RP54AE-1. For an extra heavy spring pressure , add -2 to the model number, ie., RP54AE-2

Materials and Finishes


Hardened Beryllium Copper, Gold plated over Nickel plate
Work-hardened Beryllium Copper, Gold plated (I.D. & O.D.) over Nickel plate
Light: Music Wire, plated
Heavy: Music Wire, plated
Extra Heavy: Music Wire, plated

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