Probe Specifications

All dimensions in inches (mm.)

Maximum Plunger Travel:
Recommended Working Travel:
Mechanical Life (cycles):
Pointing Accuracy:
Operating Temperature:
Current Rating:
Average Resistance:
.160 (4,06)
.107 (2,72)
+/- .0014 (0,04)
-55 degrees C to +105 degrees C
3 amps, static conditions
15 mOHMS

Spring Pressure in oz. (gram)

at Working Travel
1.3 oz. (37g)
3.1 oz. (88g)
To order, specify tip style. For example, "IP28B" is an "B" tip with a standard spring pressure.

Materials and Finishes


Hardened Beryllium Copper, Gold plated over Nickel plate
Hardened Beryllium Copper, Gold plated (I.D. & O.D.) over Nickel plate
Music Wire, Silver plated

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