Shuttle Plate Dual Stage SuperKit
Shuttle Plate Dual-Stage SuperKit

Powered Shuttle Plate Dual-Stage technology relies on a software-activated motor drive for precision alignment of appropriate stops. When vacuum is applied in stage one, the fixture top plate is depressed to engage the functional test probes. Vacuum is released, and a motor-driven cam mechanism shifts the shuttle plate to engage the in-circuit probes when vacuum is reapplied.

    Shuttle plate package includes:
  • G-10 shuttle plate
  • 6-volt motor, cam and mounting hardware
  • Micro switches
  • Motor control board (to reduce 8-24V to 6V required to operate motor. Customer supplies I/O power.)
  • Shuttle plate stops
  • Drilling and assembly instructions
Useable Area (A x B):
SKS Kits 7 x 11 (178 x 279)
SKM Kits 11 x 15 (279 x 381)

How to Order

Shuttle Plate Fixture Kits
Order SKS or SKM kit, interface products and accessories by Model Number. Add Dual-Stage Package.
One SKM-2272/82-D with Dual-Stage Package.
Shuttle Plate Customized Fixtures
    Order should include:
  • SKS or SKM kit Model Number
  • Specify Dual-Stage Pkg.
  • Tester Model Number
  • Bare and loaded UUTs
  • Tester or CAD files and/or detailed layout information
  • 1:1 positive Mylars
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Schematics and wire list
  • Interface Model Number
  • Accessory Model Number
Specify all fixture options: Twin-Seal, ground planes, overclamps, dust covers, etc.

Please call or fax your nearest ECT facility for information required to order customized fixtures via Computer Automated Fixturing (CAF).

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