ECT Gates for Opens Testing              ECT gate assemblies and sensor component kits and customized fixtures are offered for Hewlett-Packard TestJet opens technology.

TestJet Configuration
TestJet Configuration


Opens Testing Gate Assemblies are precision-engineered, heavy-duty aluminum units. A positive latch mechanism locks the assembly securely for testing and releases easily for UUT change. The assembly opens to approximately 90° for easy access to the UUT and probes. A gas spring holds the unit open at any angle. Assembly kits are designed for use with SKM, SKL, HEK3 and HEK5 size fixtures.

Customized Opens Testing Fixtures include the specified fixture, gate assembly, opens testing probes, signal conditioner board, conventional test probes and wiring installed to customer specifications. The fixture is performance tested and certified prior to shipment.

Opens Gate Conversion Kits are used to modify standard hold-down gates for opens testing applications. Each kit includes a riser frame, a polycarbonate plate to replace push fingers, a metal cover and complete assembly and wiring instructions.

Hewlett-Packard TestJet Gate Kits
Component Part No.
SKM/HEK3-3070 Opens Gate 804461
SKL/HEK5-3070 Opens Gate 804920
TestJet Signal Conditioner 804352
HP TestJet Probe 804353
TestJet Sensor Plate, SO 14, 16 804355
TestJet Sensor Plate, SO 20 804356
TestJet Sensor Plate, 1.2 x 1.2 (30.5 x 30.5) 804357
TestJet Sensor Plate, 2.5 x 2.5 (63.5 x 63.5) 804358
TestJet Tool Kit 806088
Opens Gate Conversion Kits
Component Part No.
SKS Opens Gate 804941
SKM Opens Gate 804942
SKM 90° Opens Gate 806040
SKL Opens Gate 804943

How to Order
Fixture Kits
    Order should include:
  • Kit Model Number
  • Tester Model Number
  • Gate Part Number
  • Component Part Numbers and quantities
Customized Fixtures
    Order should include:
  • Kit Model Number
  • Tester Model Number
  • Gate Part Number
  • Component Part Numbers and quantities
  • Bare and loaded UUTs
  • Tester or CAD files and/or detailed layout information
  • 1:1 positive Mylars
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Schematics and wire list
  • Interface Model Number
  • Accessory Model Number
Specify all fixture options: Twin-Seal, ground planes, overclamps, dust covers, etc.
Conversion Kits
Order by Part Number.

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