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The ECT Compliant Connector Group was formed in 1995 as a component of the Contact Products Division. Its mission is to develop and market miniature compliant connectors to manufacturers of computers and peripherals, telecommunications equipment and other electronic products.

The proliferation of personal electronic devices, from notebook computers and cellular phones, to miniaturized battery-powered TVs, represents a continually growing market for compliant connectors capable of long-life performance. The ECT Compliant Connector Group is focused on becoming a major OEM supplier of innovative design, engineering and manufacturing for this growing segment of the industry.

ECT spring contact probe engineering and manufacturing capabilities are particularly well suited to the needs of OEMs for low-profile, fine-pitch contacts used in battery chargers, cellular phones, etc., where durable, low-cost contacts are required. Contact and connector configurations as fine as 20-mil pitch and with profiles as compact as 0.133" are offered. Both coil spring and accordion-style stamped springs can be supplied in a wide variety of packages.

Specialized tooling, machining and assembly technologies developed by ECT are readily adapted to custom connector manufacturers for short-run prototyping and for production quantities in the millions. As a result, ECT can respond quickly to help customers meet their product time-to-market constraints.

On going R&D programs dedicated to miniature connectors offer customers an opportunity to partner with ECT in designs for proprietary applications that are fully protected by secure non-disclosure agreements. Partnerships are currently in effect with a number of major electronic products manufacturers who rely on ECT connector components for quality.

Engineers and marketing specialists from the Compliant Connector Group are available to contribute to technical articles and features on spring contact probe technologies, applications and industry trends.

Compliant Connector Solutions

For more information on our Compliant Connector Division and its products please contact Ellen Santoni, Corporate Communications Manager, at Tel: (909) 625-9357; Fax: (909) 625-9395, E-Mail: [email protected], or Kathy Tilley, Product Marketing Specialist, at Tel: (909) 625-9332; Fax: (909) 626-4540, E-Mail: [email protected], or visit our World Wide Web site at

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