A bare board tester represents a sizable investment, and choosing the right one is essential to your success. As a result, you expect a lot from your test system. It must maximize throughput, increase productivity, lower operating costs and improve product quality. Naturally, your tester has to be reliable, with the flexibility to handle today's sophisticated SMT boards and the PCB technology of tomorrow.

How can you achieve all these goals at a minimum capital cost?

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) has the answer. It's the new 9090 Series advanced bare board grid system. Every detail is designed to achieve a single goal - boosting your throughput. Here's how. Show me a picture of a 9090 .

Shorter cycle time

ECT has incorporated advanced mechanical design features for throughput that significantly exceeds other test systems. Further, the 9090 Series is modular and upgradeable with a variety of options, designed to improve your throughput even on sophisticated SMT boards.

To deliver unparalleled test capabilities, the 9090 features a unique "C-frame" base design. Open on three sides, the C-frame guarantees quick, easy stepping of multi-image or array panels as well as oversized boards.

ECT replaced the conventional shuttle or drawer with a vertical drive mechanism consisting of long-lasting pneumatic cylinders to provide dramatically faster mechanical cycle time, typically under 2 seconds, while delivering more precise registration as well. Programmable height adjustment lets you optimize the mechanical cycle open/close time, and takes just seconds.

ECT has also replaced old-line mechanical interlock buttons with LightTouch® zero-pressure optical switch technology for operator comfort and dependable long-term operation. These switches alse reduce risk of repetitive stress injuries. Add AutoMark, PowerProbe, and MAS or OAS, and you'll find that the 9090 Series is your connection to an impressive range of high throughput capabilities.

Accuracy and speed

All electronics and software are optimized to increase test throughput. Among the highlights of ECT's advanced electronics is the use of compact plug-in SMT switch cards for easy replacement and expansion, with leading edge smart voltage SMT switch devices, and ECT's robust on-chip ESD protection. Each card provides 256 test points, and utilizes 4-wire Kelvin measurements, resulting in accurate and repeatable resistance measurements as low as 1 Ohm (typical) and up to 1,000 MegOhms (optional).

A proprietary high speed bit-slice computer controls all switching and measurement operations. This processor dynamically adjusts for test conditions, optimizing test time for each measurement. As another advantage, it relieves the system controller of computational-intensive tasks, making the 9090 Series particularly fast and efficient.

The MS-DOS compatible system manager is a 486 computer, assuring a familiar and upgradeable operating environment. AutoPilot® menu-driven software and a touch screen monitor steps the operator through the test process so that even a non-technical operator can begin production testing in minutes. And each system has complete self-diagnostics to verify proper operation.

Fast, flexible fixturing

A QuikConnect® latching mechanism provides instant load and unload of top-side fixtures, reducing setup and test, and maximizing productivity. The 9090 Series dual universal grid system can accept 1" economical fixtures through 3" and 4" high technology, fine pitch fixturing down to .008" center-to-center spacing.

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