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Combine the amazing new 9090 HyperLoad" robotic loader, the powerful 9090 Series tester, and the proven 9090 HyperSort, and you've got ECT's HyperMation" .......the most productive bare board test system available. And it's the most versatile system because it's completely modular. You can automatically load, test, mark, unload and sort even your most complex boards. Test automation is no longer limited to yesterday's PCB technology.

The 9090 HyperLoad module is equipped with a service cart that's pre-loaded with a stack of boards to be tested. The computer-controlled robot is synchronized to the test and unload cycles of the 9090 and HyperSort modules. When the test program is initiated, the robot automatically picks up a board and places it on the test fixture. It repeats the cycle and has the next board in place simultaneously with the removal of the tested board by the HyperSort. A second service cart can be loaded while the first is in use, ready for a quick changeover.

The 9090 Series Tester is faster than ever, with our new Viper II" software* and advanced switchcard technology. You can choose single-side or double-side systems and configure the grids with up to 98,304 points. ValuGrid" fixtures, DenseGrid" adapters and other options provide unprecedented system flexibility to match your test requirements.

The 9090 HyperSort Unloader/Sorter module removes a tested board from the fixture the instant the test is completed, and automatically sorts it to a pass or fail stack.

A single-point pneumatic docking system links each module to the 9090 Tester, and a one-button enable/disable feature makes is easy to interrupt an automatic run for manual loading and unloading of a small test batch, if desired. Each module can be easily un-docked for use with other 9090 Testers to optimize scheduling and throughput in a multiple tester environment. And each module can be retrofitted to existing 9090 testers at any time.

Contact ECT Product Marketing for detailed information on the Modular Grid Test System.

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*Viper II software upgrades can be downloaded via ECTLink".

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