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Overall Length : 3.43mm (.135")
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Test Center
Mechanical Specifications
Full Travel: .64mm (.025")
Life Exceeds: 10K cycles
Pitch: .50/.65mm
Test Heights: 2.79mm (.110")
Overall Length: 3.43mm (.135")
Electrical Specifications
Average DC Resistance: <100 mOhms
Current Capacity: 3.00A (20°C T-Rise)
Self Inductance: 1.00nH
Capacitance: .20pF
Bandwidth: 4.50GHz @ -1dB
Material and Finishes:
Contact(s)- DUT Side: Copper Alloy with proprietary plating
Contact(s)- HIB Side: BeCu Alloy with proprietary plating
Spring: Stainless steel alloy with gold plating
Spring Force: Preload - oz(g) Working Travel - oz(g)
Standard: 1.4(40)