» Designed for panel test
» No Fixtures
» Makes DC measurements
» No mechanical set-up required
» XP Pro operating software
» 19" LCD touch screen display
» Compatible with ATG, A6, A6s, A5, A5s

Product Datasheet
Data Flow File

Major differences from conventional bare board testers include:
1. The test cell is design to test bare boards while still in panel form.
2. The panel under test (PUT) is passed through the Eliminator module where a high percentage of test points are removed from a flying prober’s test program. Final test of the PUT is accomplished on the flying probe tester.
3. Testing on the Eliminator is performed with continuous motion. The PUT is not stationary while electrical measurements are being made.
The Eliminator has five major components:
1. Measurement electronics
2. Precision Roller Drive
3. Connector Bars with fine pitch contacts
A. Contacts are on .0046” pitch
B. Connector bars are 24.25” long
C. Upper and lower connector bars are positioned directly opposing each other.
D. Contacts are electrically isolated from each other
4. Grounding Matrix
A. A 6.0” x 24.6” proprietary material used to connect many networks to ground simultaneously.
B. Upper and lower Grounding Matrix’s are positioned directly opposing each other.
5. Processing Computer – Performs analysis of electrical scans and generates flying probe test program.